About Lady Bug

This is it..somehow segala sesuatunya memerlukan moment khusus untuk dimulai. This is my sharing page..because I have 2manythoughts4oneday..oh well, wish I have 36 hours in a day!

Banyak yang antre mo dituangin, tapi secara teknis harus baca ini itu untuk mengupload en koneksi yang lumayan lemot cukup mengganggu (alesan..xixi)…well, I wasn’t born to be a blogger anyway..so..be patient gal..things gonna work out

I will share about stuff-my stuff  from Bali, Indonesia.. . tips, music, books, some movies,  nice artwork, parenting, health stuff, blink-blink (my jewel work) de el el..pokoknya kalo aku nemu sesuatu yang menarik termasuk banyolan suroboyoan untuk obat stress ..aku akan sharing ..en semuanya bisa kamu liat di POSTING CATEGORY

Okay, kayaknya ini bakal jadi kerjaan tetap untuk beberapa waktu mendatang..keep moving !

PS. Bole juga kalo ada yang mau nyumbang tulisan disini ~ you are very welcome


xo – Agnes

email me: agnesindy12@gmail.com




5 comments on “About Lady Bug

  1. Good advice….!
    how to make kids love to read start from the read learning zone age. what do you think…?

    • hi Jos, thanks for dropping by.. I think first kids have to find out that reading/learning to read is fun 😀 using colorful book, learning the words by the drawing, read them bed time story also by playing game will be help-when your kids can read certain part of the book, words, line etc give them credit or lil gift..and most important is they have to see their parents love reading too ..well, have fun with your kids 😀

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